Okay I have been busy latly and thats why I havn't made an entry.

We are in Roberts castle now, god is this guy rich I mean it's huge and it took half an hour just to find the living room where the rest of my team were. Nothing really happend today so there isn't much to say but that Kevin kid is really anoying he never shuts up I think he's gonna be like another Ian well thats all I have to say today.

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Sorry people

okay I might not be able to rp for a while cause I will be very busy for the next few weeks but I will try to make entrys if I get the chance.
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alright then

this is my lame attempt of a roleplay now -_- something tells me I will screw it up but meh okay then. 

Nothing much happend today ... I'm back in russia now the third worlds are over.
The worlds weren't very good, damn Hiwatari and the tag team Spence and I were on the bench  the hole time.
I lost to Spencer on that day of the piliminaries and I wasn't concentrating at all that day and I lost .. I am a better blader than Spencer... I should of concentrated more. I guess it doesn't matter much anymore but I still would of liked to of bladed.  

I did go for a walk in moscow park today luckly for me there wasn't anyone there today except for this one dog that wouldn't stop following me ... I wonder how Tala would react if I brought it back he would either love it or hate it. Tala is very hard to predict you don't know how he would react to anything he would seem nice one minute and the next trying to bite your head off anyway back on to what I was on about before are yes the dog it was a huge newfoundlander one of those dogs that look like bears I swear it's head is bigger than mine.
He seemed to like me I guess it was kind of nice it had soft black fur maybe I should of taken it home it might be worth something.